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ARCHmedium Competition - Justin Lai, Jack Lipson and Haley Chan - Awarded Second Prize in ArchMedium International Competition ‘DGEF’

Arch 346/686: Competitions Elective

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1. The Competition must be registered for and entered (on time) and proof submitted to indicate this. This course is not a "test run" but the "real thing". The competitions listed below have all been selected as they allow student entries. If you fail to enter, it will not "count". DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE FRONT OF THE BOARD. Competitions are judged anonymously.

2. Failure to submit the ILLUSTRATED and PROPERLY REFERENCED essay portion of the course will result in failure of the course (maximum grade of 46%). The essay portion is necessary for this course to qualify as a research elective and it allows me (and you) a better understanding of the development of the project/building type. Make sure that you read the course outline and see the grade breakdown! undergrad. grad. If aspects are missing (images, footnotes, bibliography) you will receive zero on that portion of the assignment. No exceptions.

3. The elective must be completed in a timely fashion. Please select a competition/deadline that is manageable within either your work term or school term. Lack of time will not be acceptable as an excuse for failure to complete. You need to figure out how to manage your time and create space to complete the course. This is why it is an "independent" course. If you cannot manage your time, do not take this course. You will never be "gifted" with 2 to 3 weeks with nothing else to do, so you cannot count on this.

4. The course is reserved for students of a 3A or higher studio level. Students should have at least an 80% standing in Design Studio and Digital Design to apply for this course. 2B students are NOT permitted to take this course.

5. Students may undertake the competition entry in pairs (MAX), but each student must submit their own, unique, essay. Essays MUST include proper university level referencing formats: endnotes/footnotes, image credits AND a separate bibliography.

6. You may NOT use work or designs created for another course (ie. design studio) to satisfy this course. Projects must have been specifically created to satisfy the competition requirements.


Also, PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR ID NUMBERS ON YOUR RESEARCH PAPERS. I am concerned about your personal security when I post them on the website.


Undergraduate Requirements: Masters Requirements:
Arch 346: Course Outline Arch 686: Course Outline
Payment of any registration fees associated with some competitions is the responsibility of the student. Any project costs, printing, shipping, etc. are also borne by the student.
Sample Mark Breakdown Sheets:
Mark breakdowns for both the competition submission and essay will be emailed following grading. Blank forms can be viewed here: undergrad grading sheet , grad grading sheet

You MUST enter the competition on time! Actual course deadlines for Arch 346/686 will vary by competition and by term. Email me for the exact date.

Submission of Boards/Images:
I do not need copies of the actual printed boards, just good quality jpegs or pdf files. These may be emailed to tboake@uwaterloo.ca.

This course requires an override form.
Students interested in registering for these opportunities should contact me at tboake@uwaterloo.ca.

If you are unsure what is expected of you, please take a look at the web links below to project submissions from students that have already completed this course. Either their entire set of boards or extracted images, plus research papers, are archived through this site.


“The works of the past always influence us, whether or not we care to admit it, or to structure an understanding of how that influence occurs. The past is not just that which we know, it is that which we use, in a variety of ways, in the making of new work…. The typology argument today asserts that despite the diversity of our culture there are still roots of this kind which allow us to speak of the idea of a library, a museum, a city hall or a house. The continuity of these ideas of type, such as they are, and the esteemed examples which have established their identity and assured their continued cultural resonance, constitute an established line of inquiry in which new work may be effectively grounded.”
The Harvard Architectural Review. Volume 5. Precedent and Invention. Between History and Tradition: Notes Toward a Theory of Precedent. John E. Hancock.

The competitions elective was designed to give students the opportunity to support the creation of entries for the many, interesting competition opportunities provided by organizations such as the American Collegiate Schools of Architecture, the Steel Structures Education Foundation, The Precast Concrete Institute, etc. The students must comply with the rules, regulations, requirements and submission deadlines for the competition. They must also create a research paper that highlights the various precedents and initiatives that were part of the required typological or technological research portion of the design parti. This is an important aspect of the course and is designed to assist you to develop research and writing skills that support design related inquiries.

Current Competitions:

For anyone doing housing, Roger Sherwood has a great website on Housing Prototypes link


Make sure the competition permits student entries! Check to see if submission/registration fees are required. It is the responsibility of the students to pay such fees.

Annual ACSA Competitons. info

SSEF Annual Competition. info

Designboom Competitions. For those currently available, check here.

Student Competitions general listing site. info

ArchDaily competition listings. info

E-architect competition listings. info

ArchMEDIUM Competition. info

Many Japanese competitions. check here.

eVolo Annual Skyscraper competition. info

The ArchitectureWeek.com website has a comprehensive listing of competitions. AIAStudents lists competitions here. Feel free to check their listings and suggest new topics for me to lis. Take care to make sure that the competition is open to students, as well as students in Canada. Also check out the listings at Archiseek. And those at Death by Architecture. Also look at the ACSA Competitions page www.acsa-arch.org/competitions/ Also check out Archiseek

If students submit their entries in digital format, they will be published on this site. Examples of projects that were part of the 2001 to 2014 Competitions Elective may be viewed by following the links below.


2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2002 ACSA/Wood Products Council Student Design Competition: An Arboretum:
2002 ACSA/STI Design and Engineering Challenge: Airport
2002 Steel Structures Education Foundation: Bus Shelter
honourable mention
2002 PCI Architectural Design Competition 2002: Student Housing
winner 2nd place
Luc Bouliane 4B: Apartment Housing
2002 TIA Eco House Competition: A House in Yazd
winner 4th place
Alan Ng 3B: Ecohouse Project
2003 Dupont Benedictus Student Design Competition: Small Bank
2003 Steel Structures Education Foundation: +15 Link
First Place Winner Suzy Harris-Brandts and Jonathan Enns - 1B
Honourable Mention Mark Longo and Jonathan Cummings - 1B
2003 ACSA/Wood Products Council Student Design Competition: A Contemporary Gallery:
2003 World Trade Center Memorial Competition:
2003 Central Glass Limited Competition: A Library for a New Age
2003 Commonwealth Architects Student Design Competition: A Writer's Retreat
2003 ACSA/AISC: Experimental Performing Arts Centre
2003 California Urban Planning Competition
2003 Metal Construction Association: A Skateboard Park
2003 Green Ground Zero
Honourable Mention
Deborah Wang and William Elsworthy - 3B
2003 Nam June Paik Museum Competition, Korea
2004 Hydrogen Fuel Station
2004 ACSA Labs 21 Competition
2004 Steel Structures Education Foundation -- "The Island" -- A Gas Bar
Award of Excellence
Greg Demaiter - 5B
Award of Merit
James Andrachuk and Uros Novakovic - 1B
2004 Four Churches Project

Steve Chodoriwsky, Chantal Cornu, Jesse Dormody, EJ Martin - 4B

Michael Bentley - Masters
2004 Calgary Art City Competition
2004 Leading Edge Competition
2004 AIA New Home on the Range Competition
2004 USGBC Design Competition
David Collins - 5B
Mickey Kloihoffer, Anca Matyiku - 3B
2004 Ecohouse Competition
honourable mention "nicest house" and book prize
Susan Tang - 4B
2004 Green Tent Competition
2004 Portland Living Smart Small Lots House Competition
2004 Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition
2004 ACSA/American Wood Council Competition: An Outdoor Food Market for Boston
2004 Cradle 2 Cradle Competition
2004 The Chi Chi Earthquake Memorial Competition
2004 The Bauhaus Competition
2004 International Competition for the Redesign of Montmorency Falls Area, Quebec
Winner - First Prize!
Steve Chodoriwsky and Jay Martin - 4B
The New York Highline Competition
2005 SSEF Competition "Tripping the Void"
honorable mention
Courtney Sin and Ryan Ollson - 4B
Kelly Lam - 4A
Sandy Yeung - 4A
2005 AISC/ACSA Competition: Student Union Building
2005 Parachute Pavilion
2005 Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition
2005 Calgary Peep Show
David Collins - BArch Candidate
2005 Point of View Conflict Resolution Center
2005 Urban Habitats Competition
2005 Self Sufficient Housing Competition

Tracy Lee - Masters
BJ Smith - Masters

2005 Metal Construction Association Competition
Davide Plantera - Masters and Mark Longo - 3B
2005 Living Box Prefabricated Unit Competition
Maia Spadafora - Masters
Emilee Bender - Masters
Erika Sildva and Allan Wilson - 3B
Derek McCallum and Elizabeth Fenuta - 3B
2005 Electrolux Design Competition
Chloe Li and Kyle Sanvictores - Masters
2005 Central Glass - A Town Landmark

Reggie MacIntosh and Christina Chow - 4A
Fraser Dow - 4A
Eric Simard - 3B
Ivy Ho - Masters

2005 Laurentian Bank Ideas Competition
Eric Bury 5B and Anthony Kwan
2006 Philadelphia Ideas Competition
Jason Hurd - Masters
2006 Shelter in a Cart Competition
Charisma Panchapakesan and Han Xu - 3B
Jonathan Enns - 4A
2006 SSEF Design Competition - Crossing the Divide

"Award of Merit" - Jane Wong and Bi-Ying Miao - 1B
Timea Jakab and Jessica Liefl - 3A
Sarah Khalid - 3A
"top 8" - Miklos Conti - 3A
"top 8" - Matthew Peddie - 3A
Millie Roy - 1B
Kenneth Wong - 2B
and selections from the Arch 173/113 General class submissions!
"top 8" - Kili Akua and Renee Kuehnle - 1B
"top 8" - Coco Xiong - 1B
"top 8" - Sam Sutherland and Jenia Faibusovitch - 1B
Valerie Aiken and Andrea Nagy - 1B
Ray Wang and Eric Lajoie - 1B
Anna-Joy Veenstra and Andrea Barei - 1B
Eugenio Villarreal and Matthew Compeau - 1B
Nicholas Savage and Jamie Ferreira - 1B
Jay Worthing - 1B
Amir Azadeh - 1B
Andrea Murphy and Kathryn Bell - 1B

2006 AISC/ACSA Steel Design Competition - Aquatics Center

Carmen Lau and Rob Micacchi - 3A
Carolyn Fearman and John Lee - 3A
Michael Lin and Rebecca Lai - 3A
Matt Storus - 3B

2006 ACSA Safe Air Travel Competition
Michael Feinberg and Collin Gardner - 3A
Jordan Darnell - 3A
2006 ACSA Hotel 2055 Competition
Tyler Walker - 3B
2006 Hot Seat 2 Competition
Philippe Ashby - 4B
Lauren Poon - 4A
2006 Velux Light Competition

Anne-Marie Armstrong - 4B
Adam Clark - 4B
Sandrina Dumitrascu - 4B
Erika Kulbach - 4A

2006 Calgary Art City Peepshow Competition
Rosanna Ho - 4B
Gregory Beck Rubin - 4B
2006 Shinkenchiku - Plan-less House Competition
Soheil Ghazi-Zahdeh - 2B
Sophia Radev and Priscilla Yeung - 2B
Xiao Wang - 2B
Gloria Lei - 2B
Elena Chernyshov - Masters
Adrian Politano - Masters
Peter Lam - Masters
Jonah Humphrey - Masters
2006 Designboom Kitchen / Convergence Competition
Abe Galway - 4A
Mat Triebner - 4A
Alicia Sheobaran and Sheila Mathies - 4A
Michael Ramsay - Masters
2006 Central Glass Conversion Competition
Mark Cascella - Masters
Matthew Schmid 2B and Elizabeth Fenuta 4A
Jeremy McGregor - 4A
2006 Sustainability Clusters Competition
James Arvai - Masters
2007 International Bamboo Design Competition
Gabriel Friedman - 4B
"finalist" - Ventzislav Pavlov and Terry Sin - 2B
Lucy Peng and June Tran - 2B
Kyle Elderhorst and David Shellingerhoudt - 2B
Solmaz Zeidi - 2B
Suzanne Gibson - 4A
"finalist" - Lisa Rajkumar-Maharaj - 4A
Sarah Khalid - 4A
"finalist!" - Elisa Jansen and Lucie Richards - 3B
Elaine Lui and Cindy Tse - 3B
2006 eVolo Skyscraper Competition
Peter Pham - 2B
Peter Graham - 4A
Michael Lin and John Lee - 3B
Ping Pai and Jeffrey Cheng - 3B
Alex Josephson - Masters
2006 Stratford Triangle is a Square Competition
Spencer Rand - Masters
2007 ACSA/AISC Museum of Steel Competition
Gregory Washer - 3B
Virginie Reussner - 3A
2007 ACSA/AISC Preservation as Provocation Competition
Reena Mistry and Melissa Ng - 3A
Andrea Lacalamita and Carolyn Fearman - 3B
2007 SSEF Student Design Competition - UP!
Martin Chow - 2B
David Henderson and Cassandra Cautius - 3A
Benjamin Wong and Evelyn Lo - 3A
Winner! Patrick Burke, Michael Hasey and Leon Lai - 1B
Award of Merit Leon Lai, Chris Mosiadz and Graham Brindle - 1B
2007 Public Space for Ambient Intelligence Competition
Kate Bowman and Ryan Ollson - Masters
2007 Design 21 Competition
Emma Cubitt - Masters
2007 Hadspen Parabola Competition
Renee Kuehnle - 2B
2007 Central Glass Competition - The Environmental Zoo
Gabriel Friedman - Masters
Lisa Hirmer - Masters
Miriam Ho - 4A
2007 Tsunami Memorial Competition
Prithula Prosun - 4A
2007 RIBA Bat House Competition
Alan McDiarmid - 2B
2007 Metal Construction Association Nature Center
Alvin Vane - Masters
Kyle Elderhorst, Matthew Schmid and Soheil Ghazi-Zaheh - 3B
Jonathan Lim and Ted Teng - 3B
2007 Designboom Furniture Competition
Timea Jakab and Lisa Rendely - 4A
2007 Gould Street Competition
Andrea Hunniford - 3B
2007 Designboom ReInvent Competition
Kenneth Wong - 3B
2007 IAHH Design Competition
Martin Chow - 3A
Rosanna Ho - Masters
2008 LA Reunion TX
2nd Place Winner! - Michael Panacci - 4B
2008 ACSA/AISC Assembling Housing Competition
2nd Place Winner! - David Shellingerhoudt and Lindsey Nette - 3B
Shamir Panchal - 3B and Lily Nourmansouri - 2B
2008 SSEF Student Design Competition - "Cantilever"
Award of Excellence! - Matin Moghaddam and Mathew Winter - 1B
Award of Merit! - Andrew Dadds and David Domanski - 1B
2008 EveryVille Competition
"chosen to be exhibited at the Venice Biennale! (#27)" - Chao Wang - 4A
2008 ACSA White House Redux Competition
David Takacs - Masters
2008 Live the Box Competition
Andrea Barei - 4A
2009 RARE Siting Competition
Derek McCallum, Elfie Kalfakis, Lisa Rajkumar-Maharaj - Masters
Liana Bresler, Allan Wilson, Sarah Neault - Masters
Dan McTavish, Patrick Burke - 3A
2009 AISC/ACSA Steel Competition
Mathew Winter - 2B
Emily Balaban, Samantha Oswald - 3A
2009 AISC/PCI Concrete For a Sustainable Future Competition
Kevin Lisoy, Jedidiah Lau - 3A
Matthew Hartney, Peter Markine - 3A
2009 Prisoned Competition
Emre Yurga - Masters
2009 AISC Greener Communities Competition
Daniel Shaddick - Masters
2009 Hotseat Competition
Amrit Phull and Tyler Murray - 3B
2009 Smarterbetterhouses Competition
Paula Lee - 4B
Lindsey Nette - 4A
2009 Urban SOS Competition
Aleksandra Popovska - 4B
2009 Central Glass Competition
Andrew Dadds - 2B
2009 AnyHouse Competition
Stephanie Boutari - 3B
2009 Bering Strait Competition
Kristina Seo and Mark Kim - 2B
2009 Arctic Mobile Media Competition
Yi Lun Yang - 4A
2010 RIBA Haiti Yele Music Studio Competition
Paul Cohoon - 4A
2010 International Velux Competition
Yifei Yuan - 3B
Sooyoun Kim - 3B
2010 Architecture for Humanity Competition
Saeran Vasanthakumar - 4B
2010 Kawneer / AIAS Competition – Fromme Revival
Dan Kwak - 3A
2010 Steedman Competition
Chris Knight - Masters
2010 Bamboo and Rattan Ideas Competition
Andrea Wong and Charisma Panchapakisan - Masters
2010 80 Bloor Street Competition
"Honorable Mention" -Aidan Mitchelmore and Dennis Tang - 2A
Sundus Shaikh - 3B
2010 Design Against the Elements Competition
Andrea Barei - Masters
2011 OISTAT Theatre Competiton
Scott Turner and Andy Oh - 3A
2010 Waseda Centennial Student Design Competition - Super Mini House
"2nd Place!" - Gabriel Guy - Masters
Migrating Landscapes
Renee Kuehnle - Masters
Arizona Challenge
Brian Muthaliff - 4A
Hydrogen Competition - University of Waterloo Engineering Entry
Anna Bezgonova - 3A
2012 ArchMedium Paris Labs Competition
Sean Maciel and Allison Suffel - 3A
ACSA Sustainable Homes Competition
Andjela Tatarovic - 2B
Inflatable Architecture Pavilion
Sue Tang - Masters
2013 AC-CA Sydney Container Vacation House Competition
Priscilla Yeung - Masters
2013 ACSA/AISC Steel Competition
Boian Dabov - Masters
2013 Smart Harbor Competition
Haley Zhou and Diana Lopez - 4A
2014 Wilderness Hut Competition
Gabriel Guy - Masters
2013 ACSA Preservation as Provocation Competition
Aurelia Adams and Matthew Davis - 4A
2013 Young Cuts Film Festival
Evan Borochovitz and Mona Dai - 3A
2013 Warming Huts Competition
Carlos Arce - 4B
ARCHMEDIUM Student Competition - Tokyo Replay Center
Pavel Tsolov - 3A
eVolo Skyscraper Competition
Claire Kurtin - 4A
LIVE Make Industrial Arts Center Cincinatti
Michelle Piotrowski and Rachel Kim - 3A
Electrolux Competition
Jessie Croll - 4B
International Velux Competition
Xiaowen Xu - 3B
Seed the Queensway
Claire Lubell and Sarah Gunawan - Masters
Triumph International Architectural Treehouse Competition
Maryia Sakharevich - 3B
Andrew Cole and Eveline Lam - 4A
Rachel Fung - 4B
Fréjus Nature Centre
Will Elsworthy - Masters
OnePrize Competition
Kyle Brill and Jordan Prosser - 4A
Caelin Schneider - 4B
NXTCity Competition
Jeremy Jeong and Monica Lalas - 4A
[AC-CA] [Paris] Champagne Bar Competition
Tristan Roberton and Daniele Rosen - 4A
SPACE Prize Competition
Emily Guo and Joel Piecowye - 4A
2014 SSEF Student Design Competition - SPAN (for ARCH 367: AESS COMPETITION ELECTIVE)
'Award of Merit' Mark Wang - 3A
Charlie Boman and Alvin Taas - 3A
Alice Chen, Andrea Ng and Mina Vedut - 3A
Richard Mui, Di Wang and Alex Vilcu - 3A
Thomas Yuan, Keegan Steeper and Elaine Poletano - 3A
2014 ACSA/AISC Steel Competition - (for ARCH 367: AESS COMPETITION ELECTIVE)
Mark Wang - 3A
Alice Chen, Andrea Ng and Mina Vedut - 3A
Charlie Boman, Elaine Poletano, Keegan Steeper and Thomas Yuan - 3A
Richard Mui, Di Wang and Alex Vilcu - 3A
Bamboo Skyscraper Competition for Singapore
First Place Winner - Richard Mui, Di Wang and Alex Vilcu - 3B
2014 One Lab Competition
Andrea Sooyoun Kim - Masters
2014 CTBUH Skyscraper Competition
William Connor O'Grady - Masters
Melissa Shea - Masters
2015 ACSA / AISC Steel Competition
Clarence Zichen Qian - Masters
Katelynn Black - Masters
2014 Death by Architecture Competition
Haneen Dalla-Ali - 4A
2014 Dave the Stormcloud
Monty deLuna - 4B
2015 ARCHmedium: Dubai Global Energy Forum (DGEF)
SECOND PLACE WINNER - Justin Lai and Jack Lipson- 4B
2015 CTBUH Skyscraper Competition
J Cameron Parkin - 4B
2015 Mediterranean Sea Club Competition
Hanna Mete - 4B
2015 ARCHmedium Watersports Center Competition
Soo Woo - 4B
2015 Calgary Lost Spaces Competition
Siobahn Allman and Zaven Titizian - 3B
2015 Treehouse Competition
Eveline Lam and Andrew Cole - 4B
2015 Expanded Environment Competition
FINALIST - Will Fu - 3A
Toronto Winter Stations Competition
Peter Bohdal - Masters
Ryterna Modul Architectural Challenge 2015
FIRST PLACE WINNER - Elisa Nicoletto - Masters
Bee Breeders International Design Competitoin - Rome Poetry Hall
THIRD PLACE WINNER - David Holborn and Eveline Lam - Masters
Montreal Urban Ideas Competition
Louis Charles Lasnier - Masters
2016 Elon Musk Hyperloop Competition
Montgomery de Luna - Masters
2016 Edmonton Infill Design Ideas Competition
Dennis Tang - Masters
Matt Lawson - Masters
2016 Bergen International Wood Festival
Stefan Berry - Masters
Opengap, “Open for Ideas 2016: A House for...
Andrea Ng - 4B
2016 ACSA/AISC Steel Design Competition - A Tower
Scott Proudfoot, Sarah Donaldson, Mengdie Zhang - Masters, Gabriela Chorobik - 3A
Jarfalla Login Gate Competition
Marisa Musing - 4B
Tokyo Pop Lab Competition
Charles Kim, Danny Wei, Alan Song, Isela Liu - 3A

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