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Banque Bruxelles Lambert

Mario Botta Architect

Geneve, Switzerland


About the building:

This bank by Mario Botta is located in downtown Geneva. I had the fortune of a private tour of the bank through friends who live in Geneva. Touring a Swiss bank is not an easy task without connections. Taking photos of the interior is even more difficult. Swiss banks are renowned for their privacy. There are discrete entrances through which "clients" enter. No one client may see that another is in the building to protect identities. There are separate elevators in various parts of the building for client service and all meetings take place in private offices. There is no teller "line-up". To open a Swiss bank account, the opening deposit must range between $US500,000 for the "poorer" clients, and above $US1,000,000 for more important clients.



Bank logo at top beneath cornice.
View from street.

Oblique view from street. Parking on both sides permits daylight to enter all sides of the building.
View down side of penthouse level. Daylighting access from all angles at the top.

View up front of building. Tall window provides light to atrium.
View along side of building. All offices have windows. Again very deep set to give an air of privacy.
At one entrance with skylight to basement quarters.
View up glazing to atrium on side of building.
The stone appears striped. It is all of one type with banding provided by alternating rows of smooth and bushhammered finishes.
Window details.

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