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British Columbia Institute of Technology
Downtown Campus


Vancouver, British Columbia


About the building:

Information taken from www.architectura.ca

This project represents a partnership between the publicly-funded education sector and the private sector business community. The building design is centered around large floor plates containing state-of-the-art classroom design, library facilities, and teaching support spaces and laboratories. The exterior design, comprised primarily of glass, is designed to enhance natural light into teaching spaces, as well as provide effective solar control. The building identity is visually open to express technology, and is an icon for BCIT in downtown Vancouver.

Size: 168,000 Sq Ft
Date: 1997
Value: $24,000,000

South and east facades of building.
View showing south facade.

View looking up east facade at shading screen.
View from top floor looking down curved feature stair.

View out of stairwall towards the north (through screen device - with detail).
View looking down to street from top floor and through screen device (with detail).
View walking down grand stair.
View to top ascending grand stair.
Interior of classroom facing east with blinds open (dull day).

Interior of classroom facing east with blinds closed (dull day). Still a fair bit of light penetration. Note blinds are also installed above window head. It would give the impression that the shading device on the south east side is not working well...

Detail of front facade at main stair.

View along Seymour Street looking south. Main staircase up front of building.

View looking up main facade that faces east.

Entry canopy on Seymour Street.

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