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C.K. Choi Institute for Asian Studies UBC

Matsuaki Wright Architects

Vancouver, British Columbia


About the building:

My apologies. These images were taken while attending Green Building Conference in November 1998. Typical grey Vancouver weather for that time of year. Not the best for photos.... Interiors were taken on a flash (unauthorized entry before we were evicted). The building uses a wide array of recycled materials. Great info on this on the Green Building Advisor CD-ROM. Critique by Ray Cole of the 2.4m high inward tilting vent windows was that they were a bit intimidating to open and that the fresh air arrival was not to be felt immediately.

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Complete front elevation (there is a building now on the empty lot where I am standing to take this view).
Detail of scooped roof element.

The building backs against a lush stand of trees. Great care is taken on this campus to preserve the existing trees.
Another view of the back of the building against the trees.

Window detail.
Detail of balcony drainage scupper.
Interior view towards ground floor common space.
View up main circulation stair that is placed at the back of the building.

and then some images from June 2003...

Complete front elevation .
View along street from garden at corner.

Front detail showing Asian influenced roof line, and clerestory windows at top floor.
View along street.

View along rear of building that sits tightly in a forested area of the campus.
View of stair tower at rear of building through forest.
Detail of rear of building through the trees.
Detail showing inward opening tall windows.

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