Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo

Image Gallery:

Clay and Glass Gallery

Patkau Architects

Waterloo, Ontario


Front (east) side of the building.
View along front of the building under entrance canopy. Supposed to be glazed. Glazing cut from budget.

Under open entrance canopy.
Steel structure over plaza at south east corner of entry side of gallery.
North and west sides of building.
West side of building. Slit opens into small exterior courtyard off of main gallery space.

Interior of gallery during morning hours (looking south).
Interior of gallery during morning hours (looking north).
Inside front entry vestibule, morning (east light).
Inside front entry vestible, morning (east light).
Views in the main gallery (morning).
View of northern gallery (inside concrete mass).

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last updated March 8, 2008