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APEGBC Building

Busby + Associates

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Project Information:
The headquarters for British Columbia engineers was designed by Busby + Associates. The steel frame building uses extensive daylighting, combined with shading devices to control direct solar penetration into the offices. A large garden at the front of the building uses indigenous plants and provides an outside meeting space for employees.

View of south east corner.
View of front facade looking up beneath ceramic fritted glass shades.

View along west facing facade, the lower part of which faces a planted berm. Internal shades are visible.
View of south west corner of building.

Detailed view of support for fritted glass shades.
East facade of building facing parking lot.
Contrast between facade treatments for the south facade at left and the north facade at right.
View looking up main stair access to second floor and towards steel supported ceiling above.
View along south wall at ground floor at permanent interior shading devices.
View along mid corridor on second floor at stairwell -- open offices face the south wall at the front -- private offices are on the north side of the building and gain daylight via their glazed partitions that face the open office.
View along inside of south facing office wall.
View towards steel ceiling with tension supports and "sails".
View towards rear office glazed partitions and air supply above.
View towards south west corner from interior.
View inside private office along west side of building.
View of south west corner steel connection detail at ceiling.

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