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Abreast of 'bridge

The Lethbridge Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Team

Summer 2005



This page is a tribute to my big sister, Jeanne Michna, who is an ovarian cancer survivor, and, one of the very best big sisters and aunts on this planet. I really thought I knew my sister. (After 48 years I would think that would be possible. But sadly not.) That is, until I went out to visit her this summer and saw her dragonboating. I had not been able to visit Lethbridge in 7 years, and had only heard her talk endlessly of the team and the races and the women, and the friendships. Jeanne came upon the good fortune of joining "Abreast of 'bridge" -- the dragonboat team comprised mostly by extremely brave women who have beat breast cancer. And what a wonderful and supportive group. The bond created through a fight against a disease, whose mere name fills most of us with dread, is just so tight.

The week I came to Lethbridge was a very sad week for the team as Jeanne's seatmate at the back of the boat, Christine, had finally lost the battle and had to be sent to rest.

These are pictures of their practice.

I love you Jeanne.

These are some Quicktime Movie clips of the dragonboat team practising at Henderson Lake, August 2005.

For more information on this amazing Dragonboat Club, please visit their website: http://www.abreastofbridge.com/


For some of the very lucky ones, the victory over cancer is forever, but not for all. Canadian researchers are making amazing discoveries in this all important fight. If you might like to help, here are some links.

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer: http://www.endcancer.ca/
The Canadian Cancer Society: http://www.cancer.ca/
The Pink Bracelet Fund: http://www.thepinkbraceletfund.org/


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Updated August 15, 2005