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Waterfall Building

Arthur Erickson Architect

Vancouver, British Columbia

Project Information:
The building was designed in 1996 with Nick Milkovich Architects. The concrete and glass structure houses units for artists that combine living and work space. The focal point of the project is the central skylit gallery that is rumoured to have been used as part of the set for the recent movie "Paycheck" that was based on a novel by Philip K. Dick.

View from street.
View through street opening to gallery at rear.
Reflecting pond at entrance. The "waterfall" was under repair at the time of this visit. It is supposed to flow from the metal insert at the underbelly of the concrete roof.
View from upper level of courtyard into entry pond.

Looking upward at the residences.
View towards the spiral balconies that have become the signature image for the building.

Alternate view of spiral stairs that access the roof terrace.
View of sloped front of gallery at courtyard. This glazing was also supposed to have had water running down but this idea was cancelled due to difficulties in obtaining insurance for the project.
Gallery front at courtyard.
Closer view of gallery glazing system .
Interior of gallery. In speaking with the gallery director, direct sunlight was not considered to have been a problem in this space due to the temporary nature of the exhibits.
View up the steel trusses that support the glazing.
View up the steel trusses that support the glazing.
View out the front entrance.
Base detail of truss at concrete floor.
View inside gallery space.

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