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White Rock Operations Centre

Busby + Associates

White Rock , British Columbia

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South east facade from parking lot.
Detail of entrance on east side of building.

View towards building from north east corner of property, overlooking garden..
North facade of building showing operable windows and louvers for ventilation.
Water retention pond used on site for plant watering and vehicle washing.
Pond feeds water at spigot in picture labelled "not for drinking".

View of east facade in the morning. Perforated interior shades are drawn and windows open for natural ventilation.
View of south east corner showing additional shading on south side (interior shades open).
Detail at south facade showing wood trellis and PV panels at west side of building..
Detail of upper south facing facade on second floor and shading devices.
View looking south west over green roof and towards PV panels.
View of PV panels mounted on wood trellis at west side of lower office portion.
View of south west corner from working lot of operations property..
Detail of shading and operable windows on south facade of second floor of office section..
View from roof deck towards second floor of office. Solar exchange tubes in interstitial space between.
Close view of solar exchange tubes.
Monitoring equipment at front entrance.
View of interior of lower office, mid morning, early July. The east facing shades are drawn, but perforated so you can feel the breeze. South windows no shades. Cross ventilation is evident. The light level may look low, but it was quite pleasant in actual fact.
Work cubicle with personal access to control of window shades and operable windows.
View into lower office from front entrance. Reused wood beams form the roof of this portion.

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last updated June 3, 2005