Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo

Arch 384:
Habitat for Humanity

Inge House Build, August 2003

Problem statement:
"Habitat for Humanity is an independent, charitable, faith-based housing program dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing by building homes in partnership with families in need. We build simple, decent, and affordable houses and provide interest-free mortgages to families who would otherwise not be able to purchase their own home. The Habitat program is about home ownership and providing a long-term solution designed to break the poverty cycle."

The August 2003 Inge House Build is the fourth Habitat for Humanity Build in which students from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture have participated. Forty-five students from our 2B, 4B and 5B terms assisted in the realization of a pair of semi-detatched houses in Bridgeport/Kitchener, Ontario.

Students are required to do a minimum of 11 full shifts on a build to receive credit. This type of hands-on experience allows students to understand the incredible difference between designing, drawing and building. This build involved the construction of of the foundation of the houses, use of insulated forms, concrete filling, vibrating the concrete, installation of 600 lb steel beams, weeping tile, backfill, and various other tasks.

Making sure that grout is all the way to the bottom. (who?)

Christina Chow vibrates the grout into place.
Fraser Dow dumps concrete with Joe Lo and Brian Urbanik.

Erin Corcoran giving some directions.
Manoeuvering the concrete grout used to fill the forms.
Nancy Gibson, Neil Barman, Tatha Swann, Ryan Lintott
Pads for the steel column supports (in the wrong place...)
Carrie Smart demonstrates an anchor bolt.
Carolyn Bilson and Dave Fair supervising the work.
Liam Brown carefully measuring some dimension lumber.
Delivering and spreading pea gravel for over the weep tiles.
How many students does it take to move a 600lb steel beam?
Preparing to ram the castle door.
Michael Garforth carefully sets the 600lb beam down...
This sequence was very scary to watch.
Greg Piccini gets some sun.
Bill Chan mounts the steel beam.
Grabbing some refreshments.
Signing out at the end of the day.

Participant List:

2B: Lauren Barhydt, Victoria Beltrano, Matt Bolen, Allison Boyes, Heather Brown, Liam Brown, Bill Chan, Tammy Chau, Jessica Cheung, Christina Chow, Adam Clark, Erin Corcoran, Leona Dobbie, Fraser Dow, Craig England, Gord Graff, Kerri Henderson, Rosanna Ho, Aaron Holmes, Andrea Krejcik, Kelly Lam, Ryan Lintott, Vivien Liu, Joseph Lo, Aleksandra Mazowiec, Camille Mitchell, Lejla Odobasic, Holly Saplamaeff, Bronwyn Sibbald, Tatha Swann, Tiffany Tosheff, Alvin Vane, Sandy Yeung

4B: Neil Barman, Carolyn Bilson, Keith Button, Michael Garforth, Nancy Gibson, Jennifer Harris, Michael Koutsoulias, Greg Piccini, Heather Ross, Carrie Smart, MIchelle Tang, Brian Urbanik

5B: Melissa Knapp

Thanks to everyone for their efforts!

last updated February 20, 2005