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Law Courts

Arthur Erickson Architect

Vancouver, British Columbia


About the building:

The Vancouver Lawcourts by Arthur Erickson Architect, were completed during the 1970s and form a major urban focus for the central area of downtown Vancouver. The structure of the building was cast in place concrete. The roof structure that supports the very large glazed skylight over the majority of the space is supported by a hollow structural steel space frame.

See also the page on Robson Square. Robson Square is constituted of the public and garden spaces that surround the building proper.

Front elevation.
Rear elevation.

Landscaping along front facade.
Detail of water feature along front facade.

Waterfall that flows over office space.
View towards building up stairs in Robson Square.
Trellis along front edge of building adjacent to large skylight space.
View through structural glazing into steel spaceframe supported skylight.
Interior view of monolithic concrete frame.
Detail of deteriorated underside of concrete soffit. Note incorrect placement of drip reveal....
Deterioration of concrete walking surface after many years of use.
View of interior taken through structural glass.
Detail of irritating sign on interior. Cameras are just as bad as weapons...

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