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Mountain Equipment Coop

MTF Architects

Montreal, Quebec


Leona Dobbie, Taylor Ohlsson, Justin Perdue, Michael Schmidt 

View of side from access road and parking lot.
End view of high arched central space.

View along main street facade with limited daylighting and operable windows due to both security and fading concerns..
View of protected clerestory glazing under overhang.

Small coffee shop attached. A green roof is eventually to be installed on this portion of the building.
End view from parking lot adjacent.
Wood canopy detail connections.
The collected rain from the inverted V roof is led away via the chain.
Signage and logo.
End view of entry canopy.
View along entry side of building.
Overall view from parking lot.
Interior views showing daylighting from high level clerestory window.

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last updated March 8, 2008