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Palais des Congrès
de Montréal

Montreal, Quebec


About the building:

The Palais des Congres put this addition onto the existing facility during 2002. These images were taken in May of that year. Although the appearance from the exterior of the brightly coloured curtain wall looks "carnivalesque", the interior quality of light coming through the coloured curtain wall was surprisingly breathtaking. The photos don't do the space justice. If in Montreal, it is worth a visit (particularly on a sunny day!).

The expansion project was designed by Tétreault, Parent, Languedoc and Associates, Saia and Barbarese Architects and the architects Dupuis, Dubuc and Associates(Ædifica). The Société immobilière du Québec (SIQ) was mandated by the Québec government to adopt the role of principal contractor on the project. Since the expansion of the PCM uses a turnkey approach to construction and design, a contract was signed between the SIQ and the Gespro-BFC-Divco (GBD) consortium, the design and construction firm.

Principal Owner: Palais des congrès de Montréal
Main Contractor: La Société immobilière du Québec (real estate management agency)
Design-Construction: Gespro-BFC-Divco (Consortium Gespro SST inc.-Construction BFC Foundation Ltée-Divco Limitée)
Architecture: Les architectes Tétreault, Parent, Languedoc et associés, Saia et Barbese, Ædifica
Independent Architectural Consultant and Co-designer: Hal Ingberg, Architect
Engineering: Pageau, Morel et associés, Dessau-Soprin, Groupe conseil Génivar inc.

For further information about the Palais, please visit: http://www.congresmtl.com/
Text based description, Hal Ingberg, author: pdf



Exterior south facade under construction May 2002.
Interior lobby at ground floor.

Upper level corridor with glass opposed to reflective wall surface.
Light through south wall.

Colours of light playing on the floor.
View down into east end of lobby from second floor.
West facade of building that uses a combination of clear and yellow glazing.
View inside west facade showing clear and yellow glazing areas.
View of interior at west from clear to yellow glazing.
View from within eerie yellow glazed corridor.
A significant change of feel to the "yellow" space after the installation of the highly reflecting dark coloured flooring.
View to upper level space along Viger Street. Clear glazing supported by structural steel framework. Escalator runs up through centre of image. (click for detail)
Ground floor exhibit.
A view through the glass to the CDP opposite.
Ground floor space adjacent to pink tree trunk exhibit.
Underside of glazed main entrance canopy.
A building almost as colourful as the town where it lives...
View of reflections on facade.
The building glowing at dusk.
Overall, March 2004, complete.

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