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Perimeter Institute

Saucier + Perrotte Architects

Waterloo, Ontario


About the building:

The Perimeter Institute, an international center for basic research in foundational issues of theoretical physics, is located on the shore of Silver Lake in Waterloo Park. The building defines the secure zones of the institute's facilities within a series of parallel walls, embedded in an erupting ground plane that reveals a large reflecting pool.

More info:

Front elevation showing green roof.
Detailed view of recessed windows.

Entry and stair to green roof.
View across green roof to Clay and Glass Gallery (Patkau).

Interior of atrium.
Interior of atrium.
View towards skylit roof of atrium.
Concrete stairs line side of atrium.
View up into atrium.
View out from atrium to reflecting pool.
View up metal skin along rear of building..
Rear of building showing metal skin (left), atrium wall (centre) and private offices (right).
View along reflecting pool towards private offices.
Staggered facade of private offices.
End view of building.
View of building from adjacent train tracks.
Exterior courtyard adjacent to atrium.
Cross over corridor at exterior courtyard.
Partial rear/end view.
View along reflecting pool at rear.

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