Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo

Pearson International Airport

New Terminal Construction

Toronto, Ontario

Site Visit March 2002


Background: The images contained on this site were taken during a site visit, arranged through the courtesy of the Steel Structures Education Foundation during the SSEF Architectural and Engineering Educators Meeting in March 2002.

The Project Status: At the point of this visit the temporary central steel bracing structure had long since been removed and the interior floors erected. Glazing of the main terminal building was nearing completion -- absorbing changes imposed from post September 11 safety criteria that required the use of blast proof glazing. The erection of the control tower was just about to proceed. Time around 5:30 p.m.


View of end wall glazing

View of triangular steel trusses supporting end wall

View across departures level to wishbones

Close up of wishbones (future ticket counter area)

View of steel "wishbone" structural members

View of underside of front roof at glazing


The case studies represented in this web document represent a condensed body of work that will be available in extended CD-ROM format from the Steel Structures Education Foundation upon written request.

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