Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo


Pearson International Airport

New Terminal Construction

Toronto, Ontario

Site Visit October 2000


Background: The images contained on this site were taken during a site visits, arranged by the courtesy of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (October 2000).

The Project Status: At the point of this visit the last curved roof arch of the terminal building had just been erected. The stability of the overall frame, as well as the erection sequence, was dependent on the large (rust colored) steel frame that ran the full length of the curved terminal building. This structure supported the curved roof arches, near to their central hinge. Once this structure would be removed, the resulting space would be divided horizontally into the 3 floors of the terminal building (top departures, middle arrivals, bottom service).

Where the front side of the terminal building would be largely glazed, the rear portion of the building was to have its steel structure encased in reinforced concrete for additional stability.

View down interior of terminal building

View of temporary steel support system down center

Steel structure down rear (apron) side of building

Rear (apron) side of terminal building

View up to steel "wishbone" structural members

View of underside of roof expansion joint


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