Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo

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Robson Square

Green Roof Installation

Vancouver, British Columbia


About the building:

Robson Square comprises several conjoined city blocks in central downtown Vancouver. It spans the space between the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Lawcourts. There is occupiable space under the entire square -- be it offices or parking structure. That makes the entire square and all of its very mature plantings into a very large green roof installation. As the square is fast approaching the 25 year age mark, consideration is currently being given to sourcing funding to replace the aging waterproof membrane that lies beneath the entire surface. Its replacement will mean the removal and replacement of all paving and planting -- a sizeable project! Concern has already arisen as to the ramifications on the maintenance of the quality and intent of the existing planting.

See also, Vancouver Law Courts by Arthur Erickson Architect.

View from law courts "pond" towards Robson Square and the Art Gallery.
View of law courts through the planting.

Part of the public space of a hard nature situated behind the law courts.
CMHC Faculty Design Summit tour group atop built up garden. Hill also part of green roof installation.

Glazed skylight beneath water fall feature over lawcourts office space.
Planting bed.
Spring sculpture beneath lawcourts, adjacent to garden.

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