Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo

Arch 384:
Habitat for Humanity

Schleuter Build, June 2005

Problem statement:
"Habitat for Humanity is an independent, charitable, faith-based housing program dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing by building homes in partnership with families in need. We build simple, decent, and affordable houses and provide interest-free mortgages to families who would otherwise not be able to purchase their own home. The Habitat program is about home ownership and providing a long-term solution designed to break the poverty cycle."

The June 2005 Schleuter Build is the sixth Habitat for Humanity Build in which students from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture have participated. Thirty seven students from the masters and undergraduate programs are assisting in the construction of a house in Cambridge, Ontario.

This build is quite different from our previous builds. Carolyn Bilson, a masters student, is focussing her thesis on the potential for Habitat to use prefabrication in its build process. The exterior and interior wall panels are being prefabricated by the students in the school's shop. They are transported to site and will be erected "complete".

article in KW Record, June 2005

page two -- walls are up! | page three - carolyn solo | page four - blessing october 2005

Thesis document

Build Leader:
Carolyn Bilson

Master Students/Crew Supervisors:
Keith Button, Heather Fitzpatrick, Mike Garforth, Mark Cichy and Natalie Soranno

Student Team:
Elaine Catane, Eugenia Chevtchenko, Miklos Conti, Jordan Darnell, Marianna Decola, Alejandro Fernandex, Vera Guo, Caroline Howes, Timea Jakab, Alan Kobayashi, Carmen Lau, John Lee, Jessica Liefl, Michael Lin, Veronica Lorenzo-Luaces, Carlos Medina, Sarah Nejad, Angie Ng, Ping Pai, Sylvia Pawlowski, Matthew Peddie, Katarzyna Piernicka, Jelena Porovic, Prithula Prosun, Lisa Rendely, Ben Schumacher, Maneu Tataryn, Emily Tong, Cindy Tse, Gillian Tyrrell, John Williamson

Plus many casual volunteers from the student body.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts!


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