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Eglise Ste. Trinite

Ugo Brunoni Architect

Geneve, Switzerland


About the building:

This very unique church is located in central Geneva. The architecture is literally loaded with narrative, symbolism and meaningful architectural moves. Many literal translations of the life of Christ and the bible into the architecture of the church. If you can't do that in a church, then where is it ever to be appropriate??


The church is part of a larger ecclesiastical community.
The spherical shape is created out of carefully cut large stone blocks of significant thickness.

Entry from the main high traffic street is through stained concrete fins.
A view from behind the fins out to the street beyond.

View from the rear of the site.
The skylight provides the main illumination directly over the altar. The 12 small round porthole windows are each a different colour (of the rainbow) and represent the 12 apostles.
The sphere sits in a moat of water. The rectangular cut windows provide light into the lower level chapel.
Entrance to the lower chapel of the church is over a moat, representing the passage into the church through the waters of baptism.
A large skylit trussed space provides a canopy and exterior meeting space for the congregation after mass.
Opposing view from the church entrance into the courtyard attached. The use of the spaces overlooking the courtyard is ecclesiastical offices.
Entry to church.

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