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Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

APEGBC Building

Busby + Associates

Burnaby, British Columbia


Project Information:

The headquarters for British Columbia engineers was designed by Busby + Associates. The steel frame building uses extensive daylighting, combined with shading devices to control direct solar penetration into the offices. A large garden at the front of the building uses indigenous plants and provides an outside meeting space for employees.

Project Images:

Exterior view from parking area. The building takes a differentiated approach to the design of the facades to provide appropriate shading.
View of the shading on the west facade. A combination of interior blinds and exterior shades is used.

The interior steel bracing can be seen through the transparency of the east facade. Vancouver is situated in a seismic zone.
View up the south west corner showing differentiated shading design.

Steel pipe sections and cast steel components are used to make the connection between the steel structural frame and the fritted glass panels that provide shade.
Closer view of steel supports for shading panels.
View along the upper corridor of the second floor offices.
The structure is comprised of round HSS columns surmounted by wide flange steel beams and exposed steel deck. Interim support for the steel deck is provided by a tensioned system of cables.
Steel rods are used to brace the vertical posts to induce compression into the vertical members and assist the top chord in providing support for the steel deck.
Corner detail showing connection of rods to wide flange beams. The "sails" are a decorative means of providing a softening for the room acoustics.
Detail of connection of HSS pipe to wide flange beams to rods.
The underside of the beam also provides support for electrical lighting tracks.
Overall view of multi faceted steel support system.
Close up view of rod connections at centre support point.

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Updated February 10, 2007