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Brown Center
University of Maryland

Charles Brickbauer Architect with Ziger Snead Architects

Baltimore, Maryland

Project Information:

The Brown Center, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore

Cost: $16-million
Square Footage: 61,410
Project Design Architect: Charles Brickbauer, FAIA
Partner-in-Charge: Steve Ziger, AIA, Ziger/Snead
Project Manager: Hugh McCormick
Interior designer: Ziger/Snead and Charles Brickbauer

M/E/P: James Posey Associates, Inc.
Structural: Morabito Consultants, Inc.
Civil: Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP

more info: Architectural Record, Newsflash

The steel for this building would have been designed to standards for Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) as defined by the American Institute of Steel Construction. For more information on AESS guidelines that would govern US construction, please refer to:

Modern Steel Construction, May 2003
AESS Guide Specification

Project Images:

View of exterior of the "crystaline shape". The glazing is fritted to make it appear translucent.
The structural steel tube frame on the inside gives form to the complex geometry of the exterior.

View inside looking directly up into the crystal from beneath the main concrete stair.
Alternate view to the top of the crystal on the interior. The front wall of the tube structure (at left of image) provides support for the sloped curtain wall that comprises the front facade of the building.

View up the sloped side wall at the round HSS tube structure that carries the curtain wall.
View from the top floor looking down the front wall to the entry below (round structure encloses the revolving door at the entrance).
Due to the complex geometry of the crystalling shape, varying methods of attachment are used to join the round tubes. Some joints are cleanly welded (round to round), others make use of a cross shaped connector of welded plates.
Base connection detail at corner of building.
View across front wall showing bowed bracing made of varying sizes of HSS tubes, with welded connections.
View towards ridge of structure.
View down main concrete stair towards revolving door at front entrance.
Corner detail of HSS welded connections. The frames that define each plane are separately expressed -- joined at the very corner by bent round HSS tubes of a significantly smaller dimension.
Overall view of exterior at front of building.
The fritted glass curtain wall permits a hazy view of the steel structure beyond.

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Updated September 25, 2005


September 25, 2005