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Baltimore Washington International Airport

3 spaces -- 3 steel structural systems

Central Portion of Terminal

Baltimore, Maryland


Project Information:

Travelling around the world, it is difficult not to come across steel, used in very expressive, exposed and innovative ways, in airports. Airport architecture has developed a language of architecturally exposed steel design that has both maintained its contemporary look, as well as changed to keep up with architectural style, throughout the past 20 or 30 years. The design of Baltimore Washington International is a good example of such change.

The terminal is presently undergoing expansion. The central part of the terminal, the original portion, used a proprietary spaceframe system to define its main structure. The international departures addition (pictured above) used a similar, but upgraded, spaceframe system, and modified the spatial qualities of this portion of the terminal through its use. The current 2004/5 expansion has switch to structural HSS tube members to define its architecture and structure.

The space frame used in this portion of the terminal created a high level, flat ceiling plane that is glazed curbside with structural glazing, and is lit via clerestory windows above the check-in counters, airside.

international departures wing
2004/5 addition

Project Images: Central Portion of Terminal -- original section

Nighttime view of the school.
View up the sloped structural steel wall along the front of the building.

View of the main practice space.
View of a secondary practice space.

Connection detail of steel at front of school to gym space.
View up the steel that supports the splayed front wall.
Project Images: Central Portion of Terminal -- addition -- observation lounge, airside
View towards the main stair access.
View up the main stair access, wall glazed with cast glass C shapes.
Closeup of connection detail.
Detail of brace.

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September 25, 2005