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The City of Vancouver National Works Yard

Omicron Architecture Engineering Construction Services Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Project Information:

Project Name: The City of Vancouver National Works Yard
Architecture and Engineering: Omicron Architecture Engineering Construction Services Ltd.
Owner: City of Vancouver
Steel Fabrication and Erection: Solid Rock Steel

The City of Vancouver National Works Yard on Chess Street in Vancouver is one of the most recent recipients of LEED Gold under the LEED BC rating system. The initial strategy of the City of Vancouver was to at least rank LEED Certified for this project, but it was found to be worthwhile to upgrade first to Silver then to Gold in terms of credits that were deemed within the reach of this project. The entire design of all systems and architecture of this building was under the direction of Omicron in Vancouver. For more information on this firm, please visit: www.omicronaec.com

Structural steel was used on the exterior of the building to support the roof extension that provides solar shading for the large glazed areas on the south facade/front of the building. Steel is also key in providing enhanced connections for the parallam structure for the roof of the building.

Project Images:

Steel signage. Base column detail beyond.
Steel structure supporting the roof extension along the front facade of the building.

Base detail of the double V steel supporting wide flange members.
Detail of top steel rail as it supports parallam roof beams.

Supporting steel detail for roof.
View of combination of welded and bolted connections for diagonal members of front support frame.
Steel column to beam detail at front of building.
View along the front facade -- building entrance and entrance to works yard.
Closeup of steel connection for parallam and tieback to steel frame.
Detail steel V frame on adjacent parking operations building.
View of interior lobby area.
View of lobby area looking towards roof over second floor, open to above.
The steel structure on the interior mimics the detailing of the steel that supports the exterior roof overhang. View of steel truss that supports part of the roof. Skylight is glazed with integrated photovoltaic crystals.
Detail of connection of truss. Truss using C channels for the chord members, plates at the connection and round pipe sections for the diagonal members.
Interior view of steel tieback for parallam beam. The exposed structure allows for a reduction of interior ceiling finishes, saving on material use.

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Updated September 25, 2005