Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Edmonton International Airport

Architectura (now Stantec)

Edmonton, Alberta

Project Information:

Architect: Architectura, now Stantec Architects

connection details!
Project Images:

View inside pedestrian access bridge from parking.
Connection detail of support mechanism.

Connection detail at lower portion of steel bar to HSS.
View from departures towards pedestrian access bridge.

View up to the underside of the cantilevered roof extension over departures side glazing wall.
View inside airport along domestic check-in.
View near security area and eating facilities.
A steel tree like strut system is used to support the WF beams the form the roofing system for this non rectangular system.
The struts are also stabilized by a tension system.
Larger concrete elements are used as the spring point for the tree/strut/tension system.
View towards ceiling.
The connections become quite complex at the front wall as the glazing support system is also integrated.
View glazing support system airside.
View along departures lounges.
View to steel structure at upper level.
Systems must be separated at key points of expansion in the overall structure.
View up airside glazed wall.
View along departures area.

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Updated November 23, 2008