Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Information Technology Building

University of Ottawa

IKOY Architects

Ottawa, Ontario



Project Information:

The Information Technology Building at the University of Ottawa was designed by IKOY Architects. This building exhibits many of the characteristics that IKOY has been developing since early on in their practice. Exposed/enhanced structural detail is used to create the character of the structure and building. The primary colour palette is reminiscent of earlier IKOY buildings such as the Automotive teaching facility in Winnipeg and the Recreation Centre in Saskatchewan.

Project Team:

Client: University of Ottawa
Architect team: Ron Keenberg, Hein Hulsbosch, Don Blakey, Bert Rupert
Structural: Sauvé Boucher Associés Inc.
Mechanical/Electrical: Stantec and the ECE Group Ltd.
Landscape: Corush Sunderland Wright
Interiors: Ron Keenberg, IKOY Architects Ltd.
Area: 17,100 m2
Budget: $46 million
Completion: June 2002

Please also see article in the July 2003 issue of the Canadian Architect Magazine, online edition available at www.canadianarchitect.com

for more information and images of IKOY buildings, go to http://www.ikoy.com


Project Images:

Concrete and glass facade facing the bus route. Behind this glazed facade is the full height atrium space that contains the student cafeteria.
End view of building highlighting the exposed vertical transporation systems and ductwork.

Rear side of the building with the primary student entrance.
Interior view of main rear circulation space.
Extended steel roof structure that forms the entrance "canopy".
Descending the primary steel staircase in the rear of the building.

Interior of main student entrance looking up at the steel roof structure that radiates from the central concrete column.
Views looking up and down the main staircase at the student entrance side of the building.
View into the library of the future.
Glazed undulating curved entry wall beside the Information Technology Library.
Looking up towards the ceiling in the full height atrium space at the street side of the building.
Interior of atrium.
Looking down from the stair landing onto the cafeteria space below in the atrium. Detail of truss attachment at top of windows.
View up the 4 storey staircase in the main atrium.
Detail of profiled perforated metal cladding in interior of building.
Handrail detail for stair at front/atrium side of building.


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