Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Walter C. Koerner Library
University of British Columbia

Architectura with George Third & Son

Vancouver, B.C.



Project Information:

excerpted from www.architectura.ca

"The main goal in providing the master plan and long-range development program for the new central library was to create an orderly plan of expansion and to allow for the "decanting" of the old Main Library. While the old Library is one of the pre-eminent heritage buildings on campus, it was severely limited in its ability to meet future growth requirements. Phase One of the master plan establishes the systems, image and presence of the new library, specifically setting the vision into the 21st century. The new design is classical in its order and structure while clearly light and contemporary in its materials and technology. The three mid levels permit the maximum amount of daylight into the building, providing benefits of energy, orientation and psychological well-being. "

Size: 178,000 Sq Ft
Date: 1997
Value: $22,000,000
Client: University of British Columbia
Steel Fabrication: George Third & Son

Project Images:

Front elevation of building.
Closer view of HSS structure used to support central stair and atrium space.

Tree like structures made from tubular HSS members were used to support the curved steel roof - comprised of rectangular HSS sections with welded connections.
View from top floor looking east towards the UBC campus.

View from the lobby looking up the space between the stair landings and the front glazing.
Triangular steel trusses spanned across the front facade to provide support for the large glazed facade.
View of the triangular steel truss that was used to provide support for the glazing.
Steel grating was used in conjunction with a steel handrail to keep occupants away from the front glazed facade.
Looking towards the steel tree structure at the top level.
Steel tree structure.
View from lounge at top floor towards the eastern part of the campus.
View from lounge at top floor towards the western part of the campus.


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