Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Lillis Business Complex

SRG Partnership

University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon


Project Information:

The Lillis Business Complex, University of Oregon
Construction cost: $28.5 million
General contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis, Portland, Ore.

The new 145,000 square-foot building at the heart of the Lillis Business Complex will make the most of natural advantages by harnessing prevailing breezes for cooling and the sun for heat, light and electricity. The structure will be fifty percent more energy-efficient than state code requires.

The building's energy conservation measures will include carefully positioned rooms that can be used almost year-round without electric lighting; external shades and light shelves to regulate temperature; "smart" lighting that adjusts to daylight levels; and sensors that turn off lights and other non-essential items in unoccupied rooms.

An extensive ventilation system and extra thermal mass in the building's concrete structure will enable it to retain more heat on cold days and stay cool naturally through most hot days. Several photovoltaic panels will generate a projected 35 kilowatts of clean solar energy.

The building also will save water through low-flow fixtures and an "eco-roof," which will use rain to grow beneficial vegetation rather than allow it to run off.

Builders will utilize "green" components such as materials salvaged from the previous building, certified hardwoods and other sustainable resources.

For more information please visit: http://lcb.uoregon.edu/ribboncutting/sustain.html

Project Images:

Closeup view of south facade of building showing photovoltaic cells that are integrated into the glazing.
View towards the steel supported roof, and PV glazing.

View to the roof of the main atrium space.
Skylights that also integrate photovoltaic cells surmount the steel framed atrium.

Detail of truss that is used to support the full height glazing at the south side of the atrium.
View through the south steel wall truss.
Connection detail of 3 storey HSS columns to WF sections that support the floor.
View up the main HSS columns that split into Y shapes to support the steel framed roof and skylight structure.
View into the steel framed dome that surmounts the north atrium.
Closer view of steel framing for domed roof, as well as underside of circular steel stair that provides access.
Steel supports for circular stair.
Detail view of steel stair support connections.
View from the top floor down into the circular atrium below. Connection detail at circular roof - X bracing visible.
Detail view of steel supporting the rectangular atrium (with PV skylights). Detail of strut connection to HSS column in round atrium.
View of tree like top supports at HSS columns in rectangular atrium. Close view of tree like connections atop HSS columns depicted to the left of this image.
Steel supports at clerestory level at rectangular atrium. Connection detail at top of HSS column.
View from rectangular atrium to circular atrium at top floor.
Support system for round skylight at north atrium.


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Updated July 19, 2005