Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Salt Lake City Library, Moshe Safdie Architect

Salt Lake City Library
Moshe Safdie Architect

Salt Lake City, Utah


Project Images:

Exterior view of library. View from park towards curved ramp to green roof.
Access to the main plaza at the south side of the library.
In the park beside the building.

A galvanized steel pedestrian bridge crosses over the ground access to the library through the park. The galvanized steel pedestrian bridge.
Detail of the galvanized steel bridge.
This colonnade separates the library plaza from the adjacent park - atop sits a ramp to the roof.

Steel HSS bracing is used as a stabilizing system in the ramp colonnade.
View through the colonnade.
No pigeon protection in the upper regions of the colonnade.
Damage to the structure can also be seen.
View into the upper region of the colonnade.
Main library entrance on the plaza.
A similar system of steel bracing is used on the extension to the colonnade inside the building.
Close up detail of the connections.
A large curved glass wall forms the main edge of the library as it faces the plaza.
The atrium at the entrance to the library proper.
Glazed elevators.
View to the X bracing that stabilizes the skylight over the atrium.
View along the atrium.
View along the atrium.
A light weight tension trussed steel support wall is used to frame the curtain wall.
The structure is formed using rods and posts.
A view up into the atrium from the childrens' reading area on the lowest level.
As the lowest level sits in the south facing glazed atrium, a system of sun shades is used to prevent overheating.
These shades fold back and must be manually opened and closed by the librarians.
Detail of the tension support sytem for the atrium wall.
A publicly accessible planted roof surmounts the library.
A view to the adjacent mountains from the planted roof deck.


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Updated May 14, 2006