Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Waterfall Building

Arthur Erickson Architect

Vancouver, British Columbia


Project Information:

The building was designed in 1996 with Nick Milkovich Architects. The concrete and glass structure houses units for artists that combine living and work space. The focal point of the project is the central skylit gallery that makes use of innovative steel trusses to hold up the large sloped glass front. Steel is also key in its use in the construction and detailing of the balconies, stairs and enclosures -- the lightness and texture of which creates a sharp contrast with the heaviness of the exposed concrete frame.

Project Images:

View up courtyard facade at balconies.
Balcony detail showing use of steel members to frame the railings and steel mesh to create the barrier.

Spiral stairs create the signature look of the building as they provide access to the roof terrace.
Detailed view of the spiral stair that uses steel and prefabrication techniques to create economy in the design of this repeated element.

Overall view of the interior courtyard and sloped glass facade of main gallery.
Interior view of gallery.
Steel bow trusses run up the length of the sloped glass facade to support the glazing system.
Detail of the steel connection to the tip of the pointed concrete doorway arch that forms the entrance to the gallery.
View up the glazed facade at the slender steel trusses.
Detail view of the connection of the top of the truss to the concrete header beam.
View of the base of the truss as it connects to the concrete curb.
Detail of base connection.
The curved steel pipe that forms the bottom chord of the truss is also used to mount lighting fixtures as well as support other attachments for displays.
View up the inside face of the glass.


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Updated July 20, 2005