Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Wind Farming

Pincher Creek and Cowley Ridge

Southern Alberta


Project Information:
We found wind farming highly prevalent in south western Alberta. There were 3 types of windmills: the "traditional" white ones with 3 blades on the propeller, most standing 300 feet tall; smaller ones that used lattice towers and which were "noisier" (at the bottom of this page), and some more experimental "eggbeaters", which were not in motion when we passed them, although it was extremely windy. For more information on wind farming in Southern Alberta, go to www.canhydro.com as they are developing many of the sites you see pictured here (including Cowley Ridge).

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Updated August 15, 2005