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Red River College, Princess Street Campus, Winnipeg

Red River College
Princess Street Campus

Winnipeg, Manitoba


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article in Canadian Architect January 2003
article in Canadian Architect January 2004
GBC 2K2 brochure ( 1.4 MB pdf)

View of main facade.
View of historic facades retained.

View up new portion of building showing integrated PV glazing.
Reused materiasl for the benches.

Seating area in front of building.
Planting areas.
Integrated PV facade.
Integrated PV facade.
Planting area adjacent to building.
Planting area and sun shades.
View onto green roof.
Edge detail of green roof (seemed inaccessible).
View down main gallery space.
View along main gallery space showing steel stair access to upper floors.
View towards steel framed roof.
Steel framing infills between portions of existing warehouse buildings.
View up the atrium wall.
Steel bridges join opposing sides of the atrium and existing warehouse buildings.
Biew to underside of steel bridges along exterior.
View along steel framing.
Detail of steel frame infill. Mostly W sections have been used.
Detail of the steel truss. Skylights are used to light the atrium/galleria.
In this portion of the building steel framing is also used. Ducts are left exposed.
An existing storefront was retained and worked into the design.
View down stairs towards entrance area that sits behind the retained historic facades.
View into study area behind sunshades and PV wall.
Integrated PV curtain wall provides constant shading for a classroom.
Daylight crosses over the atrium and into corridors beside, providing borrowed daylighting.
View down into study area showing sun shades on exterior and interior (to block glare and direct sun).
View down into study area showing sun shades on exterior and interior (to block glare and direct sun).
Daylight can pass through this translucent wall.
Corridor spaces.
Existing vault doors remain as a point of interest in the reuse of the building components.
Steel framing supports the existing historic wall.
Steel framing is used for all of the infill support.
Electrical centre.

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