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Stantec Atrium Building

Edmonton, Alberta

Project Information:
Architects: Stantec, Edmonton

Prow at entrance.
Detail of facade at entrance.

View along 112th street.
Signage at entrance.

View to steel structure at front entrance.
Detail view of steel at "prow" entrance.
Front lobby.
Interior of office space - open planning to permit daylighting.
Structural glass partition.
Detail view of structural glass, sandwiched with ends of glass exposed.
The "atrium" space - combination of lounge and office space.
View towards the street elevation of the atrium.
View towards ceiling of atrium.
Shading devices are used to moderate the daylight in the atrium.
Mobile office cubicles.
Glazed partitions separate the private from group offices to permit daylight to pass through.
Primary street elevation. Shading devices on on primary street elevation.
Winter view of the green roof.
LEED Silver Award.

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