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Stratus Winery

Les Andrew Architect

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


Canada's Stratus Vineyards is the world's first winery to be given the coveted LEED green certification. The winery was awarded LEED Silver by the Canadian Green Building Corporation.

With its green initiatives Stratus, based on a 62-acre estate in Ontario, estimates that 80% of the energy it uses is free, and that energy consumption has been reduced by 42%.

'We are quickly realizing the positive impact of this very unique and thoughtful project with regards to consumer interest in green practice,' he said.

To qualify, Stratus set up features and practices such as composting all plant waste materials, herbicide-free vineyards, energy-efficient electrical and plumbing systems, and toxin-free waste-management systems. Stratus also uses a hybrid, gas-electric vehicle for winery deliveries.

The winery's main building is heated using a geothermal source more than 200 feet below ground. This added considerably to building costs but it is expected to produce significant savings over the coming years.

Project Team
David Feldberg
Architect: Les Andrew Architect
Sandwell Consulting Engineers

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Bicycle racks.
Trellis around patio.

Front entrance.
View to rear - south - of property.

South facade of building.
Shading devices on south facade.
View at rear through vineyard.
South facing shading devices.
Patio outside tasting area.
At the patio area.
Wood siding on west portion of building complements galvalume cladding on east/tasting end.
Detail of trellis.
Detail of trellis support system.
Vineyard edge of building.
View of service end of building.
Corner at front facade/service end.
Parking at front of building.
LEED Canada Award.
Shelving at retail area.
Sitting area in retail portion of building.
Tasting bar.
Steel pre-engineered building system is clad at retail end.
South shading.
Interior view of production portion of building.
South sitting area well shaded by trellis - June 11.
Vertical trellis detail at front of building for privacy.
Rain water leaders are incorporated into the vertical steel channels on the outside of the building and disperse water on the land.
Employee bike racks as well.

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