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Tohu: Chapiteau des Arts

Consortium: Schème consultants, Jacques Plante Architect and Jodoin Lamarre Pratte

Montreal, Quebec


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Project Team:
Architects and landscape architects: Consortium: Schème consultants, Jacques Plante Architect and Jodoin Lamarre Pratte
Stage design: Trizart Alliance Inc.
Acoustics: Octave Acoustics
Construction management: Construction Vergo Inc.
Mechanical/electrical engineers: Martin Roy & Associates Consulting Group Inc.
Structural engineers: Martoni, Cyr & Associates Inc.
Civil engineers: Vinci Consultants Inc.

CISC educatior tour in March 2004.
Exterior of classroom/office portion, before cladding with foamed in place insulation exposed between steel studs.

View up to structural steel supporting the roof of the space adjacent to the precast concrete drum that forms the bigtop space. The steel for this roof was salvaged from building being torn down in the Montreal Harbour area.
View of precast concrete bigtop structure from lobby space.

Inside the bigtop. A clear height space to accommodate circus acts.
Looking towards the steel frame that forms the roof/ceiling. It has to remain "porous" so that performers may "drop" during acts.
View from the top gallery level down to the tent floor. The public will not be allowed beyond the second balcony level.
View along the top gallery level directly below the roof space.
View inside the catwalk system of the roof space. Minimal guards preven falling as access is needed for the performers to drop from here.
Close view of supporting two way steel truss structure.
Tohu is constructed adjacent to one of the largest landfill/garbage sites immediately north of Montreal. The methane from the dump powers this plant, which in turn heats the hot water that is used to provide heat for Tohu's radiant heat flooring system.
Overall ov building. The external "stairs" to the right serve as a temporary construction access. The "missing" panels along that, the south side, are to be a trombe wall system.
Closer view of precast sandwich panels (insulated) adjacent to the future trombe wall installation. Varying patterns have been embossed into the forms of the varying colours of curved load bearing precast panels.
View of Tohu from the roadside nearest to the balance of the Circus buildings.
Alternate view of the building.

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