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Vancouver International Airport:

Domestic Terminal Building

Vancouver, British Columbia


About the building:

Kasian Kennedy has recently completed the second phase of a $125M renovation of the Domestic Terminal at Vancouver International Airport. The project consisted of a series of complex additions and interior design renovations intended to bring the language and efficiency of the new International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal that was initially constructed in the early 1960s. The work was completed without interruption to the ongoing operation of the airport.

The Domestic Terminal project required expertise coordinating new development with an existing and complex infrastructure including communication, security, and mechanical/electrical systems, as well as with extensive seismic upgrades that required unique building code interpretations, particularly with respect to public assembly uses.

Early morning view of the domestic terminal.
The architecturally exposed steel structure extends outward from the main front wall to support the large roof extension over the drop off area.

The moment frame structure creates a clear, column free span over the expanse of ticket counters and queue area.
Close up view of one of the connections between the moment frame and the triangulated truss that supports the skylights.

Tirangulated linear skylights are supported by steel framing as they cross over the terminal width.
A night view up through the skylights.
The front wall glazing seems to pass through the steel structure as it supports both the interior and exterior roof.
Overall view of the clear span width of the terminal building.
Early morning view of the ceiling of the terminal.
View up into the steel structure along the rear wall of the terminal building.
Exterior view of the domestic terminal, ready for the IOC visitors on the 2010 Olympic Bid.

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