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Zero-Energy/Zero-Emission Design
Green Education Resources

The presentations below are for sample reference only and contain materials that are not copyright free.

Please note that there will be a loss of interactivity in some of these presentations as the PDF collapses animations onto one page (so if you notice odd overlaps in images and text, this is the reason)

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Advanced Case Studies in Sustainable Canadian Design website
Image Gallery website
The Carbon Neutral Design Project website
Introductory Modules:
Topic link file size
Intro to Sustainable Design Thinking – Global Warming - Why Should we Care? pdf 3MB
Climate and Human Comfort/Vernacular Design pdf 14MB
Bio-climatic Site Design: Understanding Microclimate pdf 14MB
Site Design Fundamentals - Interstitial Space pdf  
Solar Geometry pdf 4MB
Solar Shading pdf 14MB
Passive Heating pdf 11MB
Passive Cooling pdf 11MB
Daylighting - Basic Principles pdf 8MB
Daylighting - Applications pdf 5MB
Water and Landscapes    
Energy-Efficient Active Systems (likely to be broken into discrete parts) pdf 8MB
Building Performance Evaluation    
The Comfort Zone pdf 2 MB
Modules for RAIC Syllabus Course:
Topic link file size
Part One: Introduction to Sustainable Design ppt 10 MB
Part Two: Climate ppt 15 MB
Part Three: Passive Heating and Cooling ppt 18 MB
Part Four: Sustainable Materials ppt 11 MB
Part Five: Assessment Tools ppt 12 MB
Part Six: Carbon ppt 14 MB
Intermediate Modules:
Topic link file size
Sustainable Design and an Introduction to LEED pdf 6MB
The Economics of Green Building: Verifying and Marketing High-Performance Buildings    
Carbon Neutral - What is it and How is it Accomplished? pdf  
Zero Energy - What is it and How is it Accomplished?    
Cradle 2 Cradle and Design for Deconstruction pdf 7MB
Specialty Topics:
Topic link file size
The Basics of Double Facade Design pdf 7MB
Key Presentations:
Topic link file size
12 Years of Green Building in Canada, June 2007 pdf 9MB
Preparing for the 2030 Challenge:
Given at the AIA National Convention, May 2008
pdf 6MB
The Leap to Zero Carbon:
Given at the AIA National Convention, May 2008
pdf 4MB
Green is NOT a Colour, March 2008 pdf 11MB
LEED and Passive Building pdf 1MB
LEED and Canadian Case Studies pdf 2MB
Mining LEED for Carbon, OAA Convention, May 2010 ppt 27 MB
Rationale for High Performance, Carbon Neutral Design, Beijing 2009 ppt 29 MB

updated April 16, 2013