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YMCA Environmental Learning Centre, Solarium Building

Charles Simon Architect

Paradise Lake , Ontario


About the building:

The Solarium Building was completed over several years. Initial construction budgets did not allow for the installation of the "Living Machine" in the main greenhouse space.

For more information see the Advanced Buildings Website. http://www.advancedbuildings.org/_frames/fr_cs_gog.htm

More information is located within this site at the Vital Signs Case Study Page.


Construction images of the exterior of the building. The building is superinsulated with 6" of fiberglass batt insulation in the stud space, 2" rigid blue on the outside, wrapped in Tyvek barrier sheet.

Interior during construction and after wood cladding is installed.
Interior with insulation exposed and after preliminary finishing - prior to installation of Living Machine.
View under mezzanine into solarium before Living Machine.
View up to automatic venting shutters (open).

The structure was made from salvaged lumber from the demolition of a large factory building.
View from back large classroom into solarium.
Clerestory lighting into washrooms.
Clerestory lighting into side office area.
Overhang and trellis at south face of building.
View of side entrance.
North face of building showing clerestory glazing into classroom space (blue) and washrooms (yellow).
North east corner of building. Large flatish roof to receive sod (photo at header of this page).

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