Terri Meyer Boake BES BArch MArch LEED AP
Associate Professor :: Associate Director :: School of Architecture :: University of Waterloo

Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building, University of Toronto

Norman Foster, Design Consultant

Moffat + Kinoshita Architects

Toronto, Ontario


Project Images:

The large supporting column is erected early in the morning of September 15.
View of the column -- comprised of thick plates welded to form a square section.
View looking up the supporting column -- bracing in view. This is a massive custom column comprised of 4 - 3" thick steel plates welded together -- 19 metres tall!
This column stub that extends from the concrete structure will accept the western end of the truss.

The ironworkers attach the cables to the truss for the first lift. This lift will take the truss off of its temporary supports that were put beneath the truss to allow for on site connections to be made.
The crane lifts the truss off of its temporary supports.

The truss is placed back on new supports to allow the secondary lift connections to be placed.
Connecting the lifting cables to the secondary lift connections.
Close up of the lifting connections.
The truss is lifted/rotated into an upright position -- ready to go. Meanwhile the traffic is stopped on College Street adjacent as the truss will swing over the street for a few moments in order to be in the correct position and to clear on site trees and the concrete columns that are already in place.
Truss in the air!
The truss must be carefully positioned by the crane operator. Three points of connection must be achieved: at the column on the building; on top of the steel column; and into a connection along the length of the column.
The truss hovers above the connection at the steel column.
Ironworkers work towards getting the truss in the correct alignment to make the connection at the building.
A ways to go... the ironworker holds a connection that appears to be around 30" from alignment at this point.
Working towards making the mid span connection a little closer...
An ironworker sits astride the mid span connection, checking for alignment.
The truss is finally in place!

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Updated March 12, 2005