Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch.
Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo

last updated September 9, 2017

Fifth Element

Arch 443/646:
Architecture and Film

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Course has been discontinued
Winter 2014 | Icons + f/x
Winter 2013 | course not offered
Fall 2012 | Sabbatical - course not offered

Fall 2011 | Course Home Page | f/x
Fall 2010 | Course Home Page | Metropolis
Fall 2009 | Course Home Page | Manipulated Realities
Fall 2008 | Course Home Page | It's a very, very, mad world...
Fall 2007 | Course Home Page | "How Uncanny?"
Fall 2006 | Course Home Page | Dystopia and Fear
Fall 2005 | Course Home Page | Zero Gravity Environments
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Course Description: This course explores the relationship between Architecture and the development of early and modern films. Students will look at the source and portrayal of architectural expression in film: precedents for imagery, its relationship to the development of early modern architecture, and its vision of the urban future. Contemporary and futuristic architecture will also be examined in recent films to study its expression of the vision of the future of urban built form.

Given that the term consists of 12 lectures maximum, and the final class will be taken by the showing of the film productions of the current term, each course will likely view 10 to 11 films, selected on the basis of the theme of the term.

The "plan" is to have a different selection each year, each with a different "theme".


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