Image Gallery: Family and Nostalgia

Terri Meyer Boake B.E.S. B.Arch. M.Arch. LEED AP

School of Architecture, University of Waterloo
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Family and Nostalgia


very much a work in progress!

last updated August 16, 2013


Background: This particular site is intended to share some my "non academic" "projects" :). These images are for educational use only and may not be reproduced commercially without permission. I do have higher resolution files of most images.

The links below will bring you to pages that are full of images -- be prepared for some longer uploading times if your internet connection is not too fast! Patience is a virtue...

This site is under construction and continuous expansion. However if you notice serious problems with missing images on any of the pages below, please let me know. The pages below are complete.

This gallery is no longer being expanded. Current images are uploaded to my Facebook Gallery. LINK

Image Gallery Links:

United States

note that each link below will take you to a webpage. each page has from 12 to 18 images in the 300 x 400 range @ 72 dpi
  Green Building Case Studies Sustainable Case study gallery link
  Steel Structures Case Studies Steel Case study gallery link
  Historic / "older"


A Walk Down Memory Lane:
  419 Philip Street, Kitchener -- the "old school of architecture"        
  Roma 1980 -- the second year of the UWSA Rome Program        
  5B End of Term Party -- 1982        
  UWSA Open House: 7 Melville Street, Cambridge, Ontario - 29 May 2004        
  ES2 to Melville -- A Transformation (a web page in progress)        
Family Stuff:
posted June 08 Boake Car Trip to Florida - Summer 2007        
posted Feb 07 Boake Family in London, England - Summer 2006        
posted June 08 Castrucci Family Reunion - June 2007        
posted June 08 Castrucci Family Reunion - June 2008        
  Family - 2003        
Naruto Costumes for C N Anime, August 2005        
Naruto Costumes for Anime North, May 2006        
CN Tower, May 2006        
CNAnime - August 2006        
posted May 07 Bleach Costumes for Anime North, May 2007        
posted Aug 07 Bleach Costumes for Fan Expo, August 2007        
posted June 08 Pokemon Costumes for Anime North, May 2008        
  Alex Boake - OCAD Portfolio Piece 2007        
  Alex - District 13 | Noodle Jam        
Alex Boake - Grey Road Website        
  Alex Boake - First Website        

I am also the webmaster for the Project Gallery of Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. For additional images, please visit link

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