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Background: A very important part of my teaching is the gathering of original images for use in my lectures. I have taken thousands of slides over the years and have come to love the collection of images. I would prefer that students be able to visit all buildings, but that is unfortunately not the case. This site is intended to share some of the more interesting projects. These images are for educational use only and may not be reproduced commercially without permission. I do have higher resolution files of most images.

The links below will bring you to pages that are full of images -- be prepared for some longer uploading times if your internet connection is not too fast! Patience is a virtue...

This site is under construction and continuous expansion. However if you notice serious problems with missing images on any of the pages below, please let me know. The pages below are complete.

newI have ceased to expand this website. If you are interested in seeing additional images, they are all uploaded as Facebook Albums. You can check out my full list here.

Image Gallery Links:

United States

note that each link below will take you to a webpage. each page has from 12 to 18 images in the 300 x 400 range @ 72 dpi
  Green Building Case Studies Sustainable Case study gallery link
  Steel Structures Case Studies Steel Case study gallery link
  Historic / "older"


  Link to a series of albums from October 2009 and the Loretto Abbey School Trip from March 2010 - not yet a formal part of this website due to time constraints        
  Link to "SHANGHAI SURPRISE: Architectural Innovation at the Shanghai World Expo 2010" a 90 minute auto run slide show movie based on a presentation given in November 2010. (80MB - runs on Quicktime)        
Link to a set of albums taken during the CTBUH Congress in September 2012 held in Shanghai. Also the CTBUH Tour of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and a side trip to Guangzhou.        
  Link to a series of albums from March 2009 - not yet a formal part of this website due to time constraints        
Link to a series of albums from August 2010 - not yet a formal part of this website due to time constraints        
Link to a series of albums from June 2010 - not yet a formal part of this website due to time constraints        
Link to a series of albums from June 2010 - not yet a formal part of this website due to time constraints        
Link to a series of albums from March 2011 from the Loretto Abbey Great European Tour - Zurich, Luzern, Lichtenstein, Innsbruck, Munich, Dachau, Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest        
Italy Piazza San Cosimato, Rome - Lorenzo Pignatti Architect        
Palazzo dello Sport - EUR - Rome - Pier Luigi Nervi        
  The EUR - Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro - Rome        
  Palazzetto dello Sport - Foro Italico - Rome - Pier Luigi Nervi        
  Auditoriums - Foro Italico - Rome - Renzo Piano Architect        
  Ara Pacis (construction) - Rome - Richard Meier Architect        
  The Monument to Vittorio Emmanuale II - Rome        
  The Pantheon - Rome        
  The Coliseum - Rome        
  Basilica of Maxentius - Rome        
  Trajan's Column - Rome        
  Marco Aurelio Column - Piazza Colonna - Rome        
  The Arch of Constantine - Rome        
  The Arch of Septimus Severus - Rome        
  The Arch of Titus - Rome        
  Foro Romano - Rome        
  Palatino, San Giorgio al Velabro, Arco di Giano (Janus) and Aqueduct - Rome        
  Porta Maggiore, Old Wall and Aqueducts - Rome        
  The Tomb of Augustus - Rome        
  The Baths of Caracalla - Rome        
  Castel San Angelo - Rome        
  Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill) - Rome - Michelangelo Buonarotti        
  Teatro Marcello and Portico Octavio - Rome        
  Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere - Rome        
  Piazza Navona - Rome - (Bernini and Borromini)        
  Piazza del Popolo - Rome        
  Piazza di Spagna - Rome        
  Piazza della Bocca della Verità (Tempio della Fortuna Virile - Tempio di Vesta) - Rome        
  Piazza Barbarini - Triton Fountain - Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Rome        
  Fontana di Trevi - Rome        
  Palazzo Farnese - Antonio da Sangallo - Rome        
  Palazzo Borghese - Rome        
  San Giovanni in Laterano - Rome        
  St. Ivo della Sapienza - Rome - Francesco Borromini        
  The Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio - Rome - Donato Bramante        
  Santa Maria Sopra Minerva - Bernini's Elephant - Rome        
  Campo dei Fiori - Rome        
  The Tiber River - Rome        
  Trastevere Area - Rome        
  Miscellaneous but Interesting Images - Rome        
  Misty Images from Viewpoints up High - Rome        
  Vatican - San Pietro - Exterior - Rome        
  Vatican - San Pietro - Interior - Rome        
  Vatican - San Pietro - Roof and Views - Rome        
  Vatican Museum - Sistine Chapel - Rome        
  Vatican Museum - Cortile del Belvedere - Rome        
  Villa Farnese - Caprarola - Giacomo Vignola        
  Villa Lante - Bagnaia        
  4A Rome 1980 - Revisited 25 Years Later - 2005        
  University of Waterloo Studio, Trastevere - 2005        
England Modern London        
  Greater London Authority (GLA) - Sir Norman Foster        
  Millennium Footbridge - Sir Norman Foster and Arup Associates        
  St. Mary's Axe (Swiss Re) - Sir Norman Foster        
  Lloyd's of London - Richard Rogers Partnership        
  Millennium Dome - Richard Rogers Partnership        
  Channel 4 News - 124 Horseferry - Richard Rogers Partnership        
  Golden Jubilee Footbridge, London        
  The British Airways London Eye        
  Serpentine Gallery Pavilion - Rem Koolhaas and Arup - 2006        
added Nov 08 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion - Frank Gehry - 2008        
  Helicon Building - 70 Finsbury Pavement - Arup        
  Diana Princess of Wales Memorial        
  London Zoo Aviary - Lord Snowdon        
  London Zoo Penguin Pool        
  Camden Townhouses - Nicholas Grimshaw        
  Camden Town Area        
  Camden Locks Area        
  London Office Complex near Westminster Cathedral        
  Bush Lane Office Building (Cannon Street), Ove Arup and Partners, London        
  60 Victoria Street        
  Bracken House - Michael Hopkins Architect        
  Poultry Building - James Stirling Architect        
  Canary Wharf Area        
added Nov 08 The British Museum - Sir Norman Foster        
added Nov 08 Plantation Place - Arup Associates        
added Nov 08 Idea Store - Whitechapel - David Adjaye Architect        
added Nov 08 Idea Store - Chisp Street - David Adjaye Architect        
added Nov 08 Blizard Building - Will Alsop Architect        
  Historic London        
  Westminster Abbey        
  Westminster Cathedral        
  Tower of London        
  Tower Bridge        
  St. Paul's Cathedral        
  Houses of Parliament Area        
  Trafalgar Square and St. Martin in the Fields        
  Leicester Square Area        
Outside London          
  BedZED - Beddington Zero Energy Development - Hackbridge        
added Nov 08 Jubilee Wharf - ZEDfactory - Penryn        
added Nov 08 Oxford Ice Rink - Nicholas Grimshaw - Oxford        
added Nov 08 Sainsbury Centre - Norman Foster - Norwich        
Switzerland Eglise Ste. Trinite, Geneva, Switzerland - Ugo Brunoni        
  Banque Bruxelles Lambert, Geneva, Switzerland - Mario Botta Architect        

I am also the webmaster for the Project Gallery of Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. For additional images, please visit link

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