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blue titanium cladding on Transformation AGO

Renovation to the Art Gallery of Ontario

front facade, "tears" and blue titanium!

Frank Gehry Architect

Toronto, Ontario


Project Information:

Design Architect: Frank Gehry
Local Engineer: Yolles Halcrow
Steel Fabrication: Benson Steel, Mariani Metals
General Contractor: EllisDon
Cladding: Flynn

"Constructing a Gehry" - article in Canadian Architect June 2008 - text Terri Boake | photos Terri Boake and Craig Boyko

Project Images: June 2008
The East "Tear" - completing the wood and beginning the glazing:
The east "tear".
Workers completing the structure.
Steel supporting the glulam beams of the tear.
Closer view of the glulam to steel connection at the rear side of the tear.

Rear view of the east tear.
Overall view of the rear of the east tear. This will be left open on the back side and glazed on the front/street side.

The lighter wood framing that will support the glazing is set out from the face of the glulam. Note the ability to adjust the alignment through the connectors.
East tear viewed from Dundas and McCaul Streets.

The steel that supports the east tear is tied back into the structure of the original building.
Closer view of the connection to the original building.
Glazing begins on the front/Dundas Street face of the east tear.
The lifting mechanism holds the glazing panel in place while the workers complete the connections.
The glazing panels are erected as "rectangles" even though structurally they are split into triangles.
There is some flexibility in the unit down the diagonal spine. The upper left corner is fixed in place first, then the panel "urged" to connect at the other corners.
Oblique view of the glazing at the east end.
Closer view of the first row of glazing on the east tear.
Erecting the steel framing for the west "tear"
The steel for the west tear is the last steel to be erected. This had to wait to allow better access to the site for deliveries of other materials.

Welding at the main connector to the existing building that supports the large cantilevered beam that will support the wood for the west tear.

View of the progress on the connection to the existing building.
Welding operations.
The main beam that runs along the front of the building is supported by outriggers that tie the tear back to the building, and diagonal members that essential hang it from above.
View of the connections at the back of the front tear beam.
View of the finished connection of the top brace/tie back.
The projections along the front of the beam will support the wood framing, that in turn will support the glazing.
Closer view of the connector to the main building.
Ironworkers behind the front beam finish some welding and connections.
View of the partially completed steel for the west tear.
View of the partially completed steel for the west tear.
An ironworker holds up a marker for the surveyor (who is situated at the corner of Dundas and Beverly Streets) to mark points. This is in preparation for the next phase of erection.
Workers completing the stainless steel cladding that covers the lower part of the front face.
A dark and stormy June sky.
The installation of the blue titanium is complete on the east and west faces
Rear view of the AGO in June.
View taken from the 6th floor of OCAD.
View from OCAD down to the exit stair.
Closer view of exterior rear exit stair.
View from OCAD of the blue titanium on the east facade.
Closer view of the blue titanium on the east facade. The white material is protective covering that has yet to be removed.
View of the roof.
Closer view of the blue titanium. Note the staggered joints of the panels.
Beverly Street facade.
Closer view of Beverly Street facade.

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Updated July 4, 2008