Fun is in the Details: Innovation in Steel Connections

About the Authors



Terri Meyer Boake is Professor in Technology, Environmental Design and New Media at the School of Architecture at the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo. Terri is a graduate of Waterloo Architecture and received her M.Arch from the University of Toronto. Terri has been a member of the faculty since 1986. She is the Past President of the Society of Building Science Educators and Past President of the Building Technology Educators' Society. She has been actively involved with the CISC Committee to establish the standards for Architecturally Exposed Steel Design and has authored curriculum materials for SSEF. She received the AISC Special Achievement Award in 2015.
She has published with Birkhauser "Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual" (2011), "Diagrid Structures: Systems, Connections, Details" (2014) and "Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel: Specifications, Connections, Details" (2015).

Understanding Steel Design Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Diagrid Structures


Vincent Hui is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson University, Department of Architectural Science. He teaches design communications and fabrication and architectural pedagogy. He received his BES and M.Arch at the University of Waterloo. He also has an MBA from York University. Before moving on to Ryerson, Vincent taught at the University of Waterloo within both the School of Planning and the School of Architecture. 

Sam Ghantous

Sam Ghantous is a graduate of Ryerson University with an undergraduate pre professional degree in architecture. He has served as a Research Assistant to Vincent Hui and collaborated on projects such as an Augmented Reality Mobile App, a Toronto-hosted conference for the Building Technology Educators' Society, and a digitally fabricated room installation. Sam is currently pursuing his Master of Architecture at MIT.

Terri, Vince and Sam were involved in the production of "Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual" for Birkhauser.


Sylvie Boulanger, former Director of CISC Quebec Region, currently Vice President of Marketing for Supermetal, was a key contributor to all material pertaining to Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel and Finishes. Sylvie was the organizer of the national effort in Canada to establish a standard of practice in AESS. Sylvie has also contributed images to the AESS portion of this website.

Members of the CISC Ad Hoc AESS Committee

Walter Koppelaar, Walters Inc., Ontario Region – Chairman
Suja John, CISC Ontario Region
Alan Lock, CISC Atlantic Region
Peter Timler, CISC Western Region
Sylvie Boulanger, CISC Quebec Region – Secretary
Peter Boyle, MBS Steel, Ontario Region
Paul Collins, Alberta Region
Michel Lafrance, Structal-Heavy Steel Construction, Quebec Region
Graham Langford, Weldfab, Central Region
Rob Mccammon, Iwl Steel Fabricators, Central Region
Jim McLagan, Canron BC, BC Region
Mike Payne, Waiward Steel, Alberta Region
Rob Third, George Third And Son, BC Region
Harrison Wilson, Ocean Steel, Atlantic Region

Architects and Engineers Who Participated in the Roundtable Discussions

Alain Bergeron, ABCP Architecture
Terri Meyer Boake, University Of Waterloo School of Architecture
Peter Buchanan, Stantec
Guy Carrier, Ing., Cima+
François Deslauriers, Saia Deslauriers Kadanoff, Leconte Brisebois Blais
Pierre Delisle, Pierre Delisle Architecte
Michael Heeney, Bing Thorn Architects
Jean Lacoursière, Mesar Consultants
Jeff Leibgott, SBSA Structural Consultants
Sol Lorenzo, Martoni, Cyr & Assoc. (Now Genivar)
Andrew Metten, Bush Bohlman
Martin Nielsen, Busby Perkins & Will
Bob Neville, Read Jones Christoffersen
Stéphane Rivest, Bureau D'études Spécialisées (BÉS)
Jacques White, Université Laval School of Architecture