Contemporary Case Study Projects

Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.

Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., designed by Cesar Pelli Architect, uses Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel to create the character of the airport. The choice of wide flange sections and other angular types that have been welded together to form tree like structures creates a very different feeling than many AESS applications that choose to use round HSS members. The design intentions allow for expressive bolting that becomes the aesthetic of the space. This changes the detailing practices for the connections.

Reagan National The Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel at Regan National Airport is divided into separate choices for the materials and aesthetics for the primary structure (in yellow) and the support system for the glass (in white).

Below you will see a 3D PDF drawing of the support system for the glazed fa├žade. Please CLICK on the PDF to activate it. For instructions on using the 3D PDF files, click here.

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