Fun is in the Details: Innovation in Steel Connections

A Curriculum Materials Project

Welcome to "Fun is in the Details: Innovation in Steel Connections"! This curriculum materials project has been funded by the Steel Structures Education Foundationthe former educational arm of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC).

The web site is structured into SEVEN primary sections on CONNECTION DESIGN that will take you through the understanding and development of steel connections. Navigation is accessible at the top of each page, with subheadings for each section available in the left sidebar or through the pull down menu at the top.

Index SSEF

This web based project is designed to increasing the understanding of connection design in steel structures to better assist students of architecture and engineering in creating more convincing and compelling structures. The project looks at how to take basic methods of creating connections and transform them into innovative connections, using similar principles. Although Standard Structural Steel connections will be included, the emphasis will be on an exploration of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS). The project will reference the new CISC AESS documents, in particular the "Category Matrix" and "CISC Guide for Specifying Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel".

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