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The Carbon Neutral Design Project:
Site Map:

The work included in this web resource is the result of a committed effort from educators and practitioners and is an attempt to begin to define a working methodology for Carbon Neutral Design that will be of general benefit to the profession. IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, A BEGINNING. There are pieces of the site that are incomplete at present. These will be filled in over the next few months. The Carbon Neutral Design Metrics are evolving. A CND Spreadsheet Tool is forthcoming. Please check back periodically for more content.

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Legend: finished Complete ; incomplete Partially Complete ; not started Future work (page roughed in); key matrix Key Spreadsheet/Matrix Portal

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
  finished Survey of Carbon Calculators  
Commercial Case Studies  
not started Site Analysis/Site Design
not started Building Massing and Orientation
not started Envelope Design
not started Illumination
not started Fresh Air - Natural and Mechanical Ventilation
not started Heating - Passive Solar and Mechanical Strategies
not started Cooling - Passive and Mechanical Strategies
not started Renewable Energy
not started Embodied Energy
not started Water and Waste
not started Integration Studies
  Housing Case Studies:    

incomplete Fresh Air / Ventilation

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